Beam Health

Sas Ponnapalli - Beam Health

Beam Health is a digital operation platform for medical professionals

Better Leave

Cara McCarty - Better Leave

Betterleave is an employer benefit delivering bereavement care for employees


Scott Roth - Carbly

Carbly enables independent car dealers to run their businesses in an efficient, data-driven, and modern way

Civic Eagle

Damola Ogundipe - Civic Eagle

Civic Eagle is a platform to discover, analyze and manage legislation at the state and federal level


Matt Wampler - Clear Cogs

ClearCOGS empowers restaurants with the tools they need to proactively manage their food costs and reduce waste


Michelle Eichner - Digitile

Digitile makes it easy to find any documents no mater where it is stored in your enterprise


Brooks Busch - Elate

Elate is a dynamic strategic planning platform for operation professionals


Andre Kazimierski

Improovy connects home painters with painting jobs using a mobile app


Matt Kunkel

LogicGate is a powerful governance, risk and compliance software